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AXENIA - SOCO - Hair Perms & Neutralisers

SOCO - Hair Perms & Neutralisers


technical brand of Soco has created two professional systems needed within the salon to get hair straightening, cosmetic, natural, durable and beautiful ripples. AXENIA ULTRA STRAIGHT ironing system and AXENIA ONDEMOVE waving system : opposites attract.

ULTRA STRAIGHT - ironing system universal cream gel
Create smooth effects extreme ultra natural on all types of hair.
The formula of the last generation free of Formaldehyde and thioglycolates, contains a high percentage of keratin which guarantees a restructuring, conditioning and protective during ironing. The results will be amazing on the hair : neutralization frizz, smooth natural hair soft and silky for action ultra straight luminous effect.
ULTRA STRAIGHT consists of a lotion straightening cream gel universal and a neutralizing system at neutral pH, can recondition the natural pH of the hair by defining the smooth shape.

ONDEMOVE - waving system
AXENIA ONDEMOVE is the innovative waving system able to create volume, support and permanent undulations through a single specific lotion for all hair types. A modern formulation of Ammonia -free and enriched with hydrolyzed Soya Protein, amino acid by a complex of marine collagen and Polyquaternium -6 that during the process of creating the swirl have a moisturizing and nourishing the hair while maintaining its structural features.
Ondemove consists of a lotion molding to Amino Acids universal and a neutralizing system at neutral pH, can regenerate the sulfur bridges thus ensuring elasticity and shine to curl.
box: 250 ml bottles

ONDEMOVE - at neutral pH neutralizing system
Lotion NEUTRALISING at neutral pH based on a complex of marine collagen amino acid to be used as the system after fixing ripple Ondemove or ironing system Ultra Straight.
box: 500 ml bottle