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WAVY -UP - EMSIBETH - Hair Perms & Neutralisers

EMSIBETH - Hair Perms & Neutralisers

WAVY -UP is the perfect balance between fashion and volume in the total respect of the hair structure. The hair is shiny and full-bodied, with waves and curls from the absolute support, without becoming brittle or dehydrated, thanks to the combined action of bamboo marrow and wheat proteins that strengthen its fibers and give shine, volume and manageability.

WAVY -up consists of:
- 3 different types of learning:
- Wavy - Up 0: natural hair hard, hard or strong ;
- Wavy - Up 1: Natural hair ;
- Wavy - Up 2 : for colored and treated hair.
- A neutralizing

WAVY -UP FIX: is the neutralizing liquid suitable for attachment to any formulation of Wavy -Up. Easy to use, it is ready for use and should not be diluted with water.
- A leave-in conditioner

WAVY -UP TONIC : A no-rinse conditioner that penetrates deep into the hair structure giving hydration, strength, body and shine. Utra - light is ideal post- permanent cements the scales, protects and strengthens the hair fibers by increasing the comb and lightness.

method of use : wash your hair thoroughly and pat with a towel. Proceed with the installation of the curlers the size you want. Apply WAVY -UP 0/1/2 curler to curler, and saturate thoroughly. Leave on for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dab and proceed with the application of 120 ml of WAVY UP FIX to neutralize. Leave on for 8-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Before drying, complete treatment with WAVY -UP TONIC to bring vitality and elasticity to the hair.
WAVY -UP 0/1/2 : 250 ml bottle ;
WAVY -UP FIX: bottle of 500 ml ;
WAVY -UP TONIC : 150 ml bottle.